iPhone: “ChatSquare” App To Talk With FourSquare Friends

The location-based app “Foursquare”, is not only accessible via the internet but also available on a mobile handset. Users can connect to friends, update their locations and at the same time earn badges and points, which can be posted onto their online social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

But now, news has been announced of another new app “ChatSquare”. When John Biggs at MobileCrunch reported, it will give people the opportunity to chat with others in “the here and now” depending whether they are in the same Foursquare location. At this present time, the app is not available, but when released, can be found at ChatSQ.com, iPhone and Android handsets.

ChatSquare will provide a designated chat room at each venue so users can connect to one another, and an inbox can be found for private messaging.

What do you think about this latest app? Do you currently use Foursquare? Give us your comments. To read more on this check out MobileCrunch