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Facebook Games: Changes in Detail

September 22, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes

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If you are a user of Facebook, chances are that at one time or another you have been bothered by applications such as Mafia Wars or Farmville. This has been an annoyance for many users, especially those who have no interest in these online games and who don’t know how to block them. Thankfully Facebook has addressed this with a recent update, meaning that you may never get bothered by another Farmville update again.

Stan Schroeder over on Mashable has the full story. He says that Facebook has a plan to make games less annoying to non-users and more engaging to those who play. The good news here is that if you don’t play Mafia Wars, you won’t receive any messages on your friend feed relating to the game. The bad news is for developers. Having Farmville spam everybody’s news feed is one of the reasons why it was so successful.

Other features in the recent update include full stories about games you care about in your news feed, notifications when friends start playing games and more intelligent bookmarks which are moved according to how often you use those applications.

These are great changes for Facebook users, but it could be hitting the developers where it hurts, their wallets. What do you think about these changes? Are you happy to finally see Farmville drop out of your Facebook experience? Let us know in the comments.

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