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Young People Online Devoid of Ethical Thinking: Actionable Steps

September 21, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Young People Online Devoid of Ethical Thinking: Actionable Steps

With so many of us nowadays using Social Media tools to connect with one another, and to advertise our businesses or an event, we still have to take into account the way in which we present ourselves online. For the younger generation, this is especially important!

In a recent event that Mashable held the, “Social Good Summit”, it was highlighted that we all must teach our youth certain ethnics surrounding social media, including the way it can be used to their advantage. In a speech from Harvard research director “Carrie James”, he spoke about a new concept the, “GoodPlay Project” which is encouraged to help younger people discover issues such as privacy, ownership, authority and so on.

Further on into his research, it was noted that our youth are still unaware of consideration towards others when using social media, for instance, the way in which they may write something or the terminology used could it be offensive to others?

What are your views on social media? Do our younger generation need a little guidance on social media ethics? Give us your views. To check out more on this log onto Mashable

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