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Facebook Girl Invites 21,000 Guests To Party

Facebook Girl Invites 21,000 Guests To Party

Online social networking sites such as Facebook are increasing in users day by day, and it not just used by me and you but for celebrities as well. The site gives its users a tool to communicate with one another, tell friends what you’re doing and the option of joining various groups of interest.

According to Alastair at, for one youngster, having a Facebook account was about to change her birthday celebrations. For the 14-year old girl “Rebecca Javeleau”who did not understand what the privacy settings were for, invited a few friends along to her 15th birthday party. The total number attending was in the region of at least 21,000 people. With details of the event accessible to everyone on Facebook, thousands of people then sent in RSVP’s. This included interest from fake celebrity accounts such as Susan Boyle, Justin Bieber and more.

“Tracey Livesey”, the girl’s mother has said, “Her party is cancelled and she will be lucky to get a birthday card from me after this. I said she could have 15 friends along to the party but my sister-in-law said that 8,000 people had said on Facebook that they were coming”. Even though the party has been stopped, there is still concern that people will come! Police presence will be stepped up in the town.

Do you think that Facebook should change its privacy settings? Should the party have been stopped at an earlier stage? Give us your views. To read more on this log onto

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  1. j random says:

    "Do you think that Facebook should change its privacy settings?"

    Facebook's business model is predicated upon getting us to "share" as much about ourselves - our personal data, our interests, our whereabouts, our conversations, our "social graph" - as possible, so that they can sell that information to advertisers. Facebook won't change this. What we need is a social network that is not dependent on our data for their existence, and that puts us in charge of our privacy and data. MyCube and Diaspora are two of the several that are trying to do this, and I for one will be using them and hope they become a viable alternative to Facebook.

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