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Type as you go with Pocket-Sized Keyboards

September 18, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Type as you go with Pocket-Sized Keyboards

Now that the iOS 4 has been launched, Apple’s mobile devices can support bluetooth keyboards after a prolonged wait. Now products like the Jorno mobile keyboard have started to appear and are so compact that they can be taken with you on the go and stored in spaces as small as a pocket.

According to Mashable the keys are only 15% smaller than those of a standard sized desktop keyboard, making a more slender but still comfortable typing experience where ever you are. By looking at the image above, we can see the keyboard is very small and slimline and you can estimate its size by comparing it to the iPhone 4.

Uniquely the Jorno also folds down to decrease the device in size even further. Apple’s iPad Keyboard Dock should watch its back as this product looks like a worthy competitor. The Jorno is $79 on pre-sale until October 31 however the dock is slightly cheaper. If you plan to get the Jorno then pre-order now as upon release it will climb up to $99 in price.

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