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Google Instant v Google Will It Be A Hit?

Google Instant v Google Will It Be A Hit?

We recently reported on the new way in which we can search information within “Google”. The latest development named “Google Instant” will give its users the advantage of faster search results. It works by knowing what you are about to type within your search and will automatically bring up results whilst tapping away!

Google’s idea behind this, is based on users in general typing much slower than the speed it takes them to read. Therefore it makes it easier for the person to read the results before they finishing typing. For those of you out there who may have been lucky enough to try out this new concept, will no doubt save yourselves endless hours of searching information. As with all new developments it will have its fair share of criticism. Ben Parr at Mashable recently reported on Google Instant.

Mashable have asked users to send in their comments whether they prefer the usual method of searching on Google or will they be changing anytime soon to this latest idea?

Voting for your favorite finishes Monday September 20 at 12.01 am ET.

What are your thoughts on Google Instant? Do you prefer the old method of searching? Give us your views. To read more on this check out Mashable

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