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PlayStation Move: To Land In U.S. September 19

PlayStation Move: To Land In U.S. September 19

After what seems like a long wait, Sony’s PlayStation Move will finally be available in stores across North America on 19th September. A report from Crunchgear comments that although this is later than expected, it is still ahead of Kinect by Microsoft. The Xbox based system that we reported on earlier in the month is due for release soon.

Only suitable for PS3, the motion control system uses the PlayStation Eye cam together with internal motion sensors in the Move’s motion controller and the PS3. By sensing the user’s movement, angle and position, the system allows you to play as though you were in the game.

Although the release date in North America is the 19th September, those that have pre-ordered PS Move will be able to get their hands on it today.

PlayStation’s Move has near on 30 title game’s announced with Move functionality including: Killzone 3, Kung Fu Rider, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. The Move Bundle will set you back $99.99, this includes the PlayStation Eye, one PlayStation Move Motion Controller, a Blu-ray disc of Sport’s Champion’s and a game demo disc.

Anyone about to purchase a PS3 system including PlayStation Move will be looking at spending $399.99 for the system with all of the above in the Move Bundle. If you already have a PS3 and a PlayStation Eye camera for $49.99 each, you can purchase the motion controller’s with the navigation controller option priced at $29.99.

So there you have it, PlayStation Move has landed, for those of you that have already used the system give us your thoughts? To read more on this check out CrunchGear

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