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Decline In Netbooks: Is The iPad To Blame?

September 17, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
Decline In Netbooks: Is The iPad To Blame?

With the recent trend in users purchasing the Apple iPad, and the ever increasing news of more tablets on the way, should it come as a surprise to hear news of netbook sales taking a downward spiral? A report by NPD, Morgan Stanley Research has confirmed that this is the case.

According to Matt Burns at CrunchGear, the decline in netbook sales could be contributed to by Apple’s iPad. When you compare the month of August this year to last year, sales figures of the netbook fell by 4%. September seems to be following in its footsteps. Should we totally dismiss the netbook now, and is it fair to blame Apple for what seems to be a failure?

CEO for electronic consumer “Best Buy” has said “That internal estimates pegs the iPad with cannibalizing notebook sales by as much as 50%”. He also commented that customers looking to purchase a laptop seem to be swayed into buying an iPad as retail costs for the device are lower than possibly that of a laptop. Coupled with this, last year’s netbooks incorporated “Windows Vista” which may have caused a dislike to users.

What do you think of this latest report? Do you have a netbook? Give us your comments below. To check out more on this log onto CrunchGear

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