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Gran Turismo 5: More Details

September 16, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Gran Turismo 5: More Details

A press conference at the Tokyo Game Show this week, additional features as yet undisclosed, were unveiled for Gran Turismo 5 by “Kazunori Yamauchi”, GT’s Developer.

When AJ Glasser at NetWorkWorld reported, although some of the tracks will be instantly recognisable to hardcore GT racers, Laguna Seca, Trial Mountain and Circuit de la Sarthe, some of the new cars may come across as abit strange.

First up is the Schwimmwagen, for those that don’t know this, is a VW based ex-military amphibious four-wheel drive off-roader, next up is the Kübelwagen another military based VW. Also the new car list is a Samba Bus and 4200R, whilst I’m not sure, the only 4200R that I’m aware of was an Isuzu sports car back in 1989.

Kazunori also talked about the Remote Racing feature, accessible through the games built in social networking “My Home”, this allows friends to race against each other in b-spec mode via the web browser. The Rally Mode will have the addition of a navigator calling out the road ahead, or if you prefer a course-overlay this will be available to plot your course getting as close as possible to the real thing.

To finish off the game it will have Dynamic Weather Changes, which (especially in endurance races) will allow the gamer to experience changing weather during the event. Added to this, the car will suffer the effects for example, slippery roads when wet or poor visibility. These will only add to the challenges experienced by this much anticipated game.

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