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Coke Australia’s Social Media Marketing; Foursquare and Twitter

Coke Australia’s Social Media Marketing; Foursquare and Twitter

Location-based app “Foursquare” which gives users the benefit of check-in to locate friends, places and the advantage of earning badges, has now teamed up with “Coke Australia“. News in today, is that Foursquare is trying to up their game by using brand objects and pop culture products to make it easier to check-in and use challenges.

When Jennifer Van Grove at Mashable reported on this, Coke Australia have now put their name forward as the latest brand product. Coupled together, they have come up with a new concept, “The Coke Machine Fairy”. The idea for users is to follow set clues on sites such as Foursquare and Twitter in order to find a winning Coke bottle within a vending machine. But to find the vending machine, you have to check-in to the right venue to then pick up more clues. If lucky enough to find a bottle, then you may be awarded with other prizes ranging from flight vouchers, cooking classes or concert tickets.

To gain user numbers against competitors such as “SCVNGR” who at the moment seem to be taking the top spot when it comes to brands and consumers, this new concept from Foursquare could change all this.

What are your thoughts on this story? Will you be check-ing it out (excuse the pun)? To read more on this log onto Mashable

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