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Survey: States 1 in 4 US Adults Embrace Mobile Apps

September 15, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Survey: States 1 in 4 US Adults Embrace Mobile Apps

Pew Internet Project have just carried out a recent study on the number of adults who have welcomed different apps on their mobile handsets. Statistical information has concluded that at least 82% of adults in America use their mobile handsets on a daily basis, showing that one-third have downloaded apps and 13% have obtained one or more apps through paying for them. 50% had already downloaded an app within the last 30 days and one-third within the last week.

According to Lauren Indvik at Mashable, the study also analyzed the age group of people who tend to use mobile apps. It was no surprise to learn that the younger generation and particularly males had at least 18 apps on their handsets. Figures show that the most popular apps in the sense of downloads and people using them, seem to be that of “gaming” enjoyed by mainly men, in comparison to maps/navigation, social networking sites and shopping. The two latter increasing in popularity with women.

Since Apple have opened its App Store two years ago, the figures have been pretty impressive. Although just over half of users message by text and access the Internet, taking of photos is still the most popular pastime.

What apps have you got on your mobile handset? Have you recently downloaded any? Give us your thoughts below. To check out more on the statistics log onto Mashable

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