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Facebook: Helping smokers to quit

September 15, 2021 | Matt Tran


Facebook: Helping smokers to quit

Smokers who are trying to kick the habit have been given a big boost by social media. There are plenty of pages and groups you can join on Facebook that can give advice and encouragement to quit. People who have used the site have told of the immense help it has given them, as they “know they are not alone”.

To hear the story of a smoker who managed to quit by using Facebook to help, visit Wirral News. There are plenty of other sources of help if you are trying to give up such as drop in clinics, vans in the high street that give advice and also you could alternatively try using Nicorette devices, such as patches and inhalers that are available to buy.

A big number of users on Facebook have created pages to try and encourage friends and family to quit; this involves a wager such as “If I can get 1,234,567 fans then you have got to quit”. It brings people in a similar situation together as they can support each others pages and share tips on quitting.

Have you tried using social media to help give up smoking? Tell us in the comments.

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