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Video Referrals: Facebook and Twitter catching up on Google

September 14, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Video Referrals: Facebook and Twitter catching up on Google

When it comes to video referrals Google has always been top dog, now slowly but surely the social media scene is creeping up on the search engines. It has already become apparent that Facebook is now the largest traffic driver for news and updates, replacing Google reader.

According to reports from Read Write Web, Google is still number 1 for video referrals but both Facebook and Twitter are steadily catching up. Studies indicate that Google is still at the top with almost two-thirds of traffic directed to video sites coming from the search engine.

Yahoo comes in at 2nd place with 12% of the traffic with Facebook, Twitter and Bing taking their places on the list. Facebook takes 4% of traffic, Bing 2% and Twitter with 1% respectively. However the social media sites are on the rise and predictions say that Facebook will overtake Yahoo in second place, by the end of the year.

The big increase in video referral traffic from the social media sites such as Facebook is due to the fact that friends are sharing content with each other, so instead of searching for it through Google the link on their user page is there ready for them. Last week we brought you an article on “Users spending more time on Facebook than Google“. So if you enjoyed this post then you many want to check the other one out by following the link. Do you think the social media sites will overtake the search engines? Leave us a comment.

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