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Verizon Releases It’s Own Application Store On Android

September 14, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes

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Verizon Releases It’s Own Application Store On Android

For smartphones, the app store is the portal to many different programs which you can install onto your phone. These applications can range from restaurant finders, to games and even to social networks. Inside of the app store, there are paid apps, and free apps, and developers can make a lot of money out of these paid apps.

Now according to Jolie O’ Dell on Mashable, Verizon has decided that they want a piece of the app store pie, and they have released their own application store onto Android phones on their network. The program is called V CAST Apps, and is currently a tab in the Android Market. Unlike the Android Marketplace, apps on the V CAST Apps page have been verified by Verizon as safe and conforming to their standards, similar to Apple’s policy regarding their app store.

So far the Verizon App store seems to only include a few apps, which are some of the best from the regular Android Marketplace, including Pac-Man, NFL Mobile, MTV News and a selection of Verizon-specific apps. It could be interesting to see which marketplace ends out on top, whether users will prefer to stick with the unregulated Android Marketplace, or whether they will prefer the safer route of the monitored Verizon Marketplace.

What do you think? Do you prefer Android Marketplace, or Verizon Marketplace (otherwise known as V CAST Apps)? Let us know in the comments. For other stories involving Android, click here.

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