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UK brands reluctant to spend on social media

UK brands reluctant to spend on social media

We’ve reported on various occasions about the growing use of social media in business and how much benefit it can bring to a brand but it appears that in the U.K. at least, investing in social media is a low priority for marketers.

Apparently 41% of brands in the U.K. spend only 1% of their digital marketing budget on social media enterprise according to a survey as reported by UTalkMarketing. Another 19% of brands don’t invest in any way in using social media and 25% only spend between 2-5% of their budget on social media initiatives.

It seems that no matter how much evidence there is that social media marketing works, both for keeping communication lines open with present customers as well as attracting new ones, many firms are reluctant to spend resources on it. Only 18% of U.K. brands are satisfied with the amount they invest in social media but another 66% do feel they need to invest more in this field. It should be pointed out though that it has been said that social media marketing often costs more than people realise, as in our previous article.

Regional Manager of Northern Europe at Emailvision, Nick Gold says, “Social media finds itself in a similar position to that of email ten years before it. Organisations are unsure of what it is, how to use it, how they can benefit from it and how they can prove ROI. But done well, it can help with brand exposure, increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings and ultimately lead to more sales.”

For more on this go to We’re really interested to know if you are involved in branding and social media marketing, and if so do you feel your company currently invests enough in this resource? We’d be happy to hear your thoughts on this so please do send us your comments.

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