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Kindle 3 VS. iPad: Amazon gets one over on Apple in new TV ad

September 14, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Kindle 3 VS. iPad: Amazon gets one over on Apple in new TV ad

Oh its on! Amazon have released a very cheeky new TV ad to promote their new device, The Kindle 3. In the TV ad as you will see, we have a direct comparison between the Kindle and iPad in 3 different departments. Just follow the link to Mashable to watch the video now.

The Kindle seems to make a mockery of the iPad’s weakness to sunlight, as we see the man by the side of the pool experiencing difficulty whilst trying to read his screen. Asking the Lady next to him “how are you reading that, in this light”, she cheekily replies, “its a Kindle”. 1-0 Amazon by the look of it. The second stab at Apple is about the price, as the young lady with the kindle says “$139, I actually paid more for these sunglasses”. With a big smile on her face it appears that is 2-0.

The main points that Amazon are trying to convey are that the Kindle has sunlight resistance, is far cheaper and also is smaller and more compact in comparison to the iPad as you will see. At $139 the Kindle 3 looks an absolute bargain, lets see if Apple has a response to this very provocative gauntlet that has been laid down.

I am sure we have not seen the end of this. We also featured an article for you yesterday about the iPad release in China which can be found by clicking the link. What were your thoughts on the advert? Leave us a comment.

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