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Facebook: Posts That Put You At Risk


We reported just the other day of how updating your Facebook status can attract the potential threat of burglars whilst you may be away on holiday. But now indications show that as well as this, users may have to take special care whilst posting other forms of personal data. Data that can be available to just about anyone!

While Mark Zuckerberg enjoys the success of Facebook and its 500 million users, users to the site may potentially be putting themselves in danger. Without realizing it, they could be potentially setting themselves up as a target to either petty thieves or fraudsters. Cameron Huddleston at Kiplinger reported on five ways to keep yourself safe. They include: Not placing your date of birth on your Facebook profile! Yes, its lovely to receive birthday messages on your big day from friends and family, but for those who want to steal your identity its an open invitation. Also, placing your child’s date of birth on your profile can make it easy for thieves to find out any information about your child.

As we mentioned previously, be careful what you write on your status update in relation to travel arrangements. If you are going away on holiday, then your home is a sitting target for burglars. Other information to be avoided is your address and mother’s maiden name. Along with these helpful tips, always set your privacy settings so you can keep a close eye on who can see your page.

Will you be more careful in future? Give us your comments on this story. To read more on this check out Kiplinger

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