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Facebook: Google are planning a social network within 6 months

September 14, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Facebook: Google are planning a social network within 6 months

Social network giants Facebook have accused search engine Google of planning to start up a social network similar to their own. According to reports from Business Week, Google are planning to launch a fairly significant social media platform due to an increase in demand from internet users.

If this project does go ahead then the expected release would be for early next year, as Stephen Dolan commercial director for Asia at Facebook, announced that Google planned to unveil their new site in 3-6 months. Google’s move could be a revenge act as it was recently confirmed that Facebook is the most used site in the U.S, overtaking the massive search engine.

Earlier today we brought you news that Facebook was catching up on Google in video referrals; you can view this article as well as the similar news that the Facebook are the most used site in the U.S, by clicking the links above. We will keep you up to date as this interesting story develops.

Would you join Google’s social network if they launched one? Leave us your comments.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I would join a Google social networking site over facebook in a heartbeat. Facebook has consistently deteriorated over the last 4 years. It keeps getting more clunky, more bloated, and more focused on ads and making money, to the point where it interferes with the experience that I joined it for when it was a new site. Half of my facebook notifications are for apps I don't have and care about. The facebook chat interface is absolutely horrendous and buggy, but clearly talking to one's friends is not a high priority for them, though the site's core purpose should be social networking. The personalized profile page is being replaced with a series of links to commercialized pages. Some features that I liked - like notes, the personal profile page, and the wall as a host for conversations between friends - are being pushed into the background to make room for more prominent ads and applications. If I want to be plagued with ads while I play silly games that are a waste of time, I can go to addicting games dot com. I want my social networking site to be about social networking. That means me and my friends and contacts.

  2. Would you join Google’s social network if they launched one? Sometimes Google does it right. Sometimes they do it wrong. Sometimes they start wrong and eventually do it right. I will definitely try Google.

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