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Soldier to Tweet from front line in Afghanistan

September 13, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Soldier to Tweet from front line in Afghanistan

For a long time now security issues in the military have meant officials were worried about the use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook from a war zone as there was always a danger people would give too much away. The military has always been concerned about security and you may remember the recent controversy about the Wikileaks leaked military documents from Afghanistan.

However social media is obviously a very different ball game to leaked secret documents and the concerns over the use of social media sites from the front line seem to be easing. It seems a British army commander, Lieutenant Colonel Dougie Graham, is about to start tweeting from Afghanistan. He is discussing with his commanding officers to agree how the Twitter account can be used, what can be included and what is definitely ruled out, but it’s hoped that he will be able to tweet regular updates about life in the army during his 6-month tour of Afghanistan, according to Samuel Axon over on Mashable, sourced from the Telegraph.

The 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland which Graham commands does already have a Facebook account but it’s hoped that the Twitter account will not only give people a taste of what everyday army life is like, but also help the soldiers under his command and their families at home feel more in touch with each other. The U.S. Army also recently relaxed its rules about the use of social media from the frontline.

For more on this go to It seems to us that this can only be a good thing for soldiers away from home for long periods of time and as long as certain rules are adhered to we can’t imagine how this could do any harm. How do you feel about this though? Do you think Twitter in the military is a welcome step forward, or maybe you think it’s just too much of a risk? We’d welcome your thoughts on this so please do send in your comments.

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  1. daviddoesla says:

    Interesting idea of someone tweeting from the front lines. Not sure how I would feel about someone more concerned with their tweeting then shooting the enemy. However, if this interests you, you should check out Minute To Win It on NBC at 8pm. It's their season finale and a tribute to American Soldiers. Two veterans, who happen to be best friends, compete for $1 Million. Check it out, should be a pretty awesome show.

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