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IKEA Shows How Viral Video Can Be Done

September 13, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes


IKEA Shows How Viral Video Can Be Done

This summer, the Old Spice guy took the internet by storm with his viral videos. Now other companies are taking the hint and are now making their own viral video advertisements.

Megan O’Neill has an article for the Social Times about IKEA’s viral marketing success. Known for their flat pack furniture, IKEA have released several videos, including one where they let cats have free roam of their store at night. Even more popular seems to be the making of video, documenting how they actually made the video.

The way to succeed at viral video marketing is to make a video that people would want to watch, and then attach your product to that video. The viral nature of these videos means that you simply cast your video out onto the waters of the internet, and hope that somebody finds it, and passes it onto their friends.

The reason that these videos succeed is because they are entertaining, and you are informed of the brand in a way which customers respond well to. Instead of trying to push their products into your face, the audience is attracted to the cute cat video and the store branding is added afterwards. The video is cute cats in IKEA, instead of IKEA with cute cats.

The IKEA cat video is embedded below, but for all the videos check out the Social Times article. What do you think about viral advertisements? Let us know about how you respond to adverts in the comments below.

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