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How To Reduce Spammers On Your Website

September 13, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes



Spamming social networks is where people post comments and messages on your blog with the simple aim of directing traffic to their site. This would be the equivalent of me going into your group meeting, yelling “My meeting is at this address” and then running out of the door, never to return. It is a way to promote your blog, but it leaves mess on the poor person’s blog you just wrote on.

Thankfully Ann Smarty has written an article for the Search Engine Journal which includes some tips and tricks to help you cut down on spammers. Just for context, a spammer in this scenario is somebody who registers for your social network or website, posts a link to their own website or blog and then leaves, never contributing anything to the community.

One of the ways to reduce spam is to ban the accounts of those who are doing the spamming. There are different ways of banning accounts. If you are in a small community, it’s easy to identify the annoyance and block it yourself. However if you are running a big service with over 100 members, you may need to use an automated algorithm.

The article recommends either banning people in sessions, instead of immediately banning a spammer, give them time to build up an account, then ban it, so they have to start again, or use Silent Banning, where the user can still submit content and vote, but only they see it. It appears that they still have a working account, but they have no affect on the community.

If you want to see more tips on blocking spammers, head on over to the Search Engine Journal. Alternatively, leave a comment below, or check out our other articles on social media marketing.

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