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Bejewelled Blitz: Why It Is A Success

September 13, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes

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If you are a Facebook user, it is more than likely that you are playing an online game through the social networking service. Whether it be Mafia Wars, Farmville or My Empire, many Facebook users spend some of their time in these online games which are free to play, but charge you for extra bonuses.

Bejewelled Blitz has been a roaring success on Facebook for many reasons. The first is that it compares your score with all your friends. Because it is tied to Facebook, where all your friends are more than likely located, you can compare your scores with them and try to beat your competition. Best of all, the high scores are reset each week, so if you can’t beat your friend’s 400,000 high score this week, maybe try again next week.

Another reason for PopCap’s success is that their game is constantly evolving. First of all you just had regular Bejewelled Blitz. You had a minute, get the highest score in a minute and then you end. From that template they have added extra features such as the Last Hurrah, coins which are then used to buy boosts and a weekly contest which puts you into a draw to win fabulous prizes.

PopCap have succeeded with Bejewelled Blitz because they constantly evolved the game. They updated it to prevent it from becoming stale, and to keep people coming back. They have used a core game mechanic (that of the simple Bejewelled game of match 3) and updated it enough to keep users coming back time after time.

The lesson to learn here is that a casual game on services like Facebook are never really done. Keep on adding to your game to keep your customers interested and find new and different ways to make money from that game, without driving consumers away.

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