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3D TV: Is the price the problem?

September 13, 2021 | Matt Tran

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As you know Christmas is fast approaching again, and what better gift to unwrap this year than one of these new super HD 3D TV’s that are out right now. Unfortunately for us and the manufacturers, the purchasing and sales side of things have been very poor. This could be due to a few different things that I will mention. We featured an article for you last week about the fact that people want a 3D TV, but not right now, so check this out by using our link.

So the new home viewing experience has arrived finally! We have experienced 3D at our cinemas for the past year or so with blockbusters such as Avatar, Toy Story 3 and Clash of the Titans. We know what we are getting and so surely plenty of us should be running to our local electronics store to pick one up. Apparently not, due to high prices, empty pockets and the glasses issue. I believe Samsung were the 1st to launch their 3D TV and were asking for around £2100 ($3240) for their 36 inch model, which is very overpriced in my opinion.

I have viewed the product and watched the first 3D Blu-Ray movie: Monster vs. Aliens and must say that I was very impressed. I would strongly recommend at least a 45 inch screen though, if you wish to get the most out of the experience. Thankfully you can interchange between 2D and 3D mode just to clear that up for a few people who believed that the TV’s were 3D only. So please dont worry as it can also function as a regular TV. I have no issues with the product itself as far as the TV is concerned however the glasses can give you a slight headache once they have been worn for the best part of two hours, and there is talk of a glasses-free model in production, which leads me on to my second conclusion. Also check out our article on Japan’s announcement on 3D desktop PC’s.

Many of us dont like the glasses as they look daft, can be irritating to some peoples vision and most significantly cost a lot of money. The manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony have released Digital glasses instead of the cheap plastic ones we use at the cinema; beware if you were planning on saving money as the ones you have saved from the theater will have no effect on the screen and produce a fuzzy 2D image. When you buy the TV, you get one pair of glasses and if you require more they are extra. Now lets face it the average number of people in a household is around 4-5 and at around £80 ($125) a go we are talking an extra £300-£400. If you get lucky the manufacturer may provide 2 pairs, I believe Sony do. This brings me to the assumption that a large number of people will hold out for the inevitable glasses-free version in the future.

When I was viewing the 3D TV, just out of interest I asked the salesman how many units the company had sold and baring in mind this is a good few months after the release, I was surprised for him to tell me that they had shifted absolutely none. I dont actually believe this but I do agree that sales are probably at rock bottom due to overpricing, recession and the glasses issue. Thankfully for us the retailers may be forced to drop their prices eventually, as stubborn as they may be and with Christmas coming they are bound to offer a few deals and discounts here and there. Do you agree and have you made up your mind about 3D TV? We want to hear from you so please leave us a comment below.

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