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15 Language Apps For The Business User

15 Language Apps For The Business User

For those of you who have to frequently travel abroad on business trips may now be interested in this latest news! Do you struggle to speak the language whilst visiting a country? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just ask the basic questions needed to get the most out of your experience?

According to Sarah Kessler at Mashable, the introduction of 15 new translation apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android may now be the answer to your prayers! The new apps have been developed to help business users with just the simplest of phrases. We have reported on just some of these apps. Have you tried to learn another language but failed? Now with the “iLingual” app available in French, German and Arabic, it will give the user the option of taking a picture of their mouth, choosing a picture of a male or female, selecting a phrase (over 400), the mouth will then move and speak the words you have chosen.

Or do you struggle with reading signs and menus in other languages? Then with the help of the “Babelshot” app for $4.99 and a quick photograph taken on your phone, will enable the user to access this information. The free “Google Translate” app is similar to the Google Translate website but on a phone, and will help the business user to translate, or to find word definitions with the aid of a dictionary.

Do you travel abroad on business trips? Will any of these apps appeal to you? Give us your feedback below. To check out more on these apps log onto Mashable.

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