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Windows Phone 7: First “revolution” advert out

September 12, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Microsoft’s upcoming mobile the Windows Phone 7 had its first ad released recently to promote the new device which is set for launch soon. You can watch the advert by following the link to Cnet. As you can see by the video the phones debut advert is a bit of a let down.

The statement by Microsoft is “The revolution is coming”, granted the phone looks very stylish but I strongly disagree that this phone will change the market as we know it or render any existing model redundant. Too many of these companies are trying to advertise their phones in a way that makes the potential buyer feel like they should immediately ditch their current model and run to the store to get the new release.

The video as you saw looks cheap in comparison to the other promotional campaigns that Microsoft’s rivals have run. A distorted shape in a desert environment slowly approaching the viewer until it finally turns out to be the product is quite tacky in my opinion and could have been done better.

I do hope their claim that the Revolution is coming turns out to be true. Time will tell as fans everywhere gear up for the release in the near future. Also see one of our other articles on the Windows phone 7 by following the link if you enjoyed this post.

What do you make of the first advert for the phone? Leave us a comment.

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  1. Yevin says:

    Of course, the only one calling Windows Phone 7 a "revolution" is Microsoft.

    The rest of the world knows the true reality: That Windows Phone 7 is late to market, and will arrive missing key critical features such as Copy-And-Paste.

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