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Scribblybot Twitters Robotic Follower

September 12, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Scribblybot Twitters Robotic Follower

What have robots and Twitter got in common? Well up until now not a lot, but software engineer Matt Thorne has developed the first robot to use Twitter. reports that although there are a number of robots set to retweet automated scripts, Matt Thorne’s Scribblybot is different.

Scribblybot is able to write out any message that is sent to it through Twitter as a Direct Message (DM). Based at the BMW Mini factory in Oxford UK, the industrial robotic arm has been scribbling out it’s messages on a whiteboard today in front of visitors. Once you have sent a DM to Scribblybot, a photo will be sent to you of your tweet being written.

Even though a lot of work has gone into designing the bot, Matt Thorne understands that it might not be the most useful invention, he said, “I know that this is a completely useless and redundant thing to spend time developing but it’s my way of bringing Twitter to real life!”

However before you jump on to tweet Scribblybot be warned, he will only write your DM if he is following you.

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