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Apple iPad To Sell 28 Million In 2011?

September 10, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Apple iPad To Sell 28 Million In 2011?

With the ever increasing volume in sales of Apple’s iPad, predictions are already taking place as to how many may possibly sell next year 2011. It seems that a UBS report states it could be somewhere in the region of 28 million. An analyst for Barclays Capital “Ben Reitzes” thinks otherwise. He thinks the figure may be more like 20 million.

According to Matt Burns at CrunchGear, the iPad is definitely proving to be more popular than other PC devices. Matt also went on to say that in his opinion, buyers like to shop around and may have experimented with other devices before settling with the Apple iPad. Consumers looking to purchase a computer at a relatively low cost seem to be people that are either having to watch their pennies and want something that will give them the full computing experience or people that want the computer just for gaming and communication purposes.

Analysis of sales reports of the Apple iPad, strongly indicate that in the first 2 months of it’s release, it sold over 3 million. Consumers seemed to purchase the device without even putting their hands on one, so for this the iPad is moving from strength to strength.

Have you purchased the iPad, or are thinking of getting one? What features appeal to you? Give us your feedback below. To read more on this log onto CrunchGear

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