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Xbox 360 Kinect: Bundle release date revealed

September 9, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Xbox 360 Kinect: Bundle release date revealed

If you are eagerly awaiting the release of the Microsoft Kinect for the X Box 360 then we have some interesting news for you in regard to the bundle pack release. Mashable has made us aware that two bundle packs will be available on November 4th. This has been confirmed by Microsoft.

It has come to light that both bundles will feature the new slim version of the X Box which comes in 250GB and then a giant step down to a mere 4GB. The 250GB bundle will cost you around $400, where the 4GB will cost you approximately $300.

The Kinect is available for pre-order from many different stores and websites, and is set be be released in the U.K at around the 10th November. Microsoft’s new device is another step ahead of anything currently in the gaming market, with the focus being on the player’s body movements and interaction as the Kinect is totally hands free. The console accessory is similar to Nintendo’s Wii, but is more advanced in terms of the single sensor bar that tracks movement and is mounted near your T.V.

Sony are plotting their answer to the Kinect with their new innovation, the Playstation Move. The Move is also another motion sensor based accessory which interacts with the Playstation eye camera. The difference is that the Move does require a controller, similar to that of the Wii, but it has an orb mounted on it that changes colour for various reasons in different games. It is available on around September 17th. Following on from our post, follow the link for more details and features that the Kinect has to offer.

Have you pre-ordered you Kinect or Move yet? Tell us in the comments.

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