New BBC iPlayer: Integration with Facebook and Twitter

New BBC iPlayer: Integration with Facebook and Twitter

A social media trend has been added to the BBC’s new iPlayer, which is due for launch any time now. The application which allows you to catch up on your favorite T.V and radio shows after they have been aired is now going to include a feature where you can personalize your iPlayer by making a user account which interacts with your Facebook or Twitter. As a result you can share your favorite shows with your friends over your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

According to an article on The First Post, more than 1.1 billion minutes are watched on BBC iPlayer every month. Popular shows such as Top Gear, Doctor Who, Eastenders and Dragons Den are caught up on the most.

It is likely the BBC are upgrading their service to get one step ahead of their rivals, such as Channel 4’s 4 On Demand (4OD) and ITV’s ITV player. All of these services operate in a similar fashion, but the BBC’s is the first to include social media integration. Following on from our article on the new version of the BBC iPlayer, is another piece of our work based on the Beta testing stage which can be found by using the provided link

The BBC has announced that “personalization” is the main theme behind the project and that they want to bring a social dimension to watching and listening. The new iPlayer is reported to be out this week, but this may now be a little longer as apparently there are a few issues with buffering that need to be addressed first. What do you think of the social media integration with the iPlayer? Leave us a comment below with your views.

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