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Apple & BridgeCo Introduce “AirPlay”

September 9, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Apple & BridgeCo Introduce “AirPlay”

Last week at the Apple music event, some great new features have caught our eye. For those of you who have to have the latest gadgets and like to keep up with new developments then look no further! Apple have now announced “AirPlay”, a new feature that will allow music to stream to different stereo’s within the house, and with the added support of “BridgeCo“ on board, it has allowed iTunes to be embedded into stereo systems.

According to Christina Warren at Mashable, this latest development works when AirPlay allows its users to pick out their iTunes favorites and stream them from and to different locations including the up and coming Apple TV. Users will also have the benefit of changing their play lists from an iPhone or iPod Touch.

BridgeCo who are reputable for making AirPlay work with stereo makers such as Denon, iHome, Maranz, JBL and Bowers & Wilkens, have allowed Apple to make this new concept possible. Not only will it access iTunes but it will stop any software updates losing compatibility. With this in mind, it might also make way for manufacturers to add features giving users the advantage to display songs or play list information via LED and LCD displays.

For now, AirPlay-enabled devices from Apple and with the help of BridgeCo will pave the way for what hopes to be yet another technological breakthrough!

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