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Ping or MySpace: What’s your choice?

September 8, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Ping or MySpace: What’s your choice?

We know many of you are MySpace enthusiasts and it’s fair to say that MySpace has previously had a certain command in the music world. However you will no doubt have heard by now of Ping, a new music-based social network included as part of the iTunes 10 download.

We’ve already told you something about Ping, including how it enables users to follow both friends and artists, has song and album charts and other information such as concert listings. In the first two days since its launch Ping grabbed over a million users although there were issues noted about spamming on the site. Now an article by Ben Parr over on Mashable wonders if the popular MySpace will be at risk from the new Apple social networking site.

Millions of people have become accustomed to MySpace and are regular users of the site where they can interact with music perfomers and that works both ways as music artists know that MySpace useres are keen music followers. Now though it has direct competition from iTunes which already has a consumer base of over 160 million.

Mashable is conducting a poll which you can take part in up until September 10 which asks people which music social network they prefer, Ping or MySpace? At present the results read as follows:- Ping has 35.38% of the vote, MySpace has 22.43%, 5.47% of people are calling it a tie, and 36.72% say neither.

For more on this and to take part in the poll go to Do you think that MySpace will be able to fend off the competition of Ping? Isn’t it possible that once the novelty of Ping wears off, users may return to MySpace? We’d be interested to hear your opinion on this so please do send in your comments.

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