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Mexican President Felipe Calderon Reaches 100,000 Twitter Followers

September 8, 2021 | Tina Chubb
Mexican President Felipe Calderon Reaches 100,000 Twitter Followers

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming more and more popular in the world of politics nowadays. Many politicians and world leaders have jumped on the social networking bandwagon including the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

Even President Barack Obama and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty have opened accounts on the popular micro-blogging website Twitter. One of the latest world leaders to have joined Twitter however is Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who has now reached 100,000 followers.

“We have reached more than 100,000 followers already interested in this way of communication,” President Calderon said on Monday. That’s really not bad considering he only just opened his Twitter account about six weeks ago, although he didn’t officially announce it.

Calderon uses the social networking site to publicize all his administrations achievements, comment on events, issue warnings about storms and weather etc, and respond personally to questions and suggestions that are sent to him from the general public.

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