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Youtube: Life in a day interactive gallery

September 7, 2021 | Matt Tran
Youtube: Life in a day interactive gallery

The “Life in a day” project that Youtube began in July has now ended and the videos that were send in have been uploaded onto the website in the form of an interactive gallery that can be viewed as either a 3D sphere or matrix. The video upload site received over 80,000 submissions of average people filming a typical day in their life, and has been showcasing some of these videos in the official gallery.

Reports from Christina Warren on Mashable, tell us that Youtube film editor and director Kevin Macdonald has announced more videos will be added to the gallery. Meanwhile film director Ridley Scott (of Alien and Gladiator), the man behind the project will be attempting to produce a feature length film, from compiling different types of footage from the entries recieved. For more information on the project follow the link provided.

Once all of the footage has been reviewed and edited by Kevin Macdonald and editor Joe Walker, it will be made into the feature length video and make its debut at the Sundance film festival, early next year. Did you take part in the “Life in a day” project? Leave us a comment below.

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