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Apple’s Ping: non-iTunes users will be a problem

September 6, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Apple’s Ping: non-iTunes users will be a problem

Apple’s new innovation, Ping has just launched and it seems there may already be a few flaws in the grand plan. Ping was released worldwide on the 1st September and looks very similar to a hybrid of a Facebook and Twitter page but with a musical trend. For example you can like and follow various artists, post videos and announce what concerts you will be attending as well as buy tracks and albums whilst interacting with your friends.

However a major issue is that Ping has been integrated into iTunes rather than launched separately which makes the new social networking feature seem iPod, iPad and iPhone exclusive and unattractive for non-iTunes users. So for the people who want to be a part of Ping and share their music and social information but dont have an iTunes, they will be disappointed. The problem for Apple is that because of this they will lose a lot of potential business and customers but are still confident in the mass of iPod and iTunes users it already has though. Hugo Jobling was written a very interesting article on this subject over on so follow the link for more information.

There is no doubt that Ping will be popular, but to become an overnight success it must integrate with other social networks. It has been revealed by Steve Jobs that friend adding support was intended to be supplied by Facebook, but talks broke down. It has already been criticized for not being able to interact with your current iTunes music collection and also for the fact that your friends cant even see what songs you are currently listening to.

So it looks like plenty of people are undecided on the matter, so its just a question of time to see what Apple brings us in the next update. Leave us a comment with your opinions.

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