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Google Buys SocialDeck: It’s form of Social Media Marketing

Google Buys SocialDeck: It’s form of Social Media Marketing

Google is currently attempting to be a jack-of-all-trades, offering search, e-mail, news and document support amongst other things, and they are looking to enter the social networking market by developing what they call Google Me. Google has already been hard at work acquiring different companies, and now they have acquired SocialDeck.

Dawn Kawamoto writes for DailyFinance about Google’s social media deals. Now they have acquired social games developer SocialDeck, Angstro, which gathers search results from social networks, and Slide, a developer of photo sharing applications for social networks. Combine this with Jambool, who works in virtual currency, and these could be put to good use to create a social network which could rival Facebook.

The DailyFinance article speaks of an interview where Google CEO Eric Schmidt told CNBC that Google wants to integrate all of these social media features into Google, rather than creating a Facebook style page. This strategy makes sense because instead of trying to copy what Facebook has done, Google is instead trying something different.

With many customers already established in the Google universe with Gmail and Google Docs, they could then add on some social networking features and games, and many customers would feel right at home within the already established Google universe.

What do you think? Will Google Me take off? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Tom Kelly says:

    Wow another purchase this thing is getting closer and closer I tell you!

    Tom from
    Eagerly awaiting Google Me Google next big Social networking effort :)

  2. It will create a good impression upon google services and also increase google revenue.

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