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New iPod Touch 4: Larger Storage or iTunes Cloud?

August 29, 2021 | Peter Chubb
New iPod Touch 4: Larger Storage or iTunes Cloud?

The new iPod Touch 4 is expected to be launched at the September 1 Apple Media Event during a keynote by Steve Jobs. None of us know what the design looks like yet – one has not been left in a bar – but there is the assumption that it will come with not only a 5-megapixel camera, but also a front-facing one as well. However, it seems that we have forgotten about the most important feature – the storage.

I have started to wonder if the new iPod Touch for 2010 will get an increase n storage or will Apple also be announcing iTunes Cloud? I am not just throwing this idea up in the air either. We know that this Wednesday’s special media event will be centered around music – you only have to look at the invitations to understand what I mean.

This makes me believe that maybe Apple is about to do something with iTunes, and if it has anything to do with Cloud then why would Apple feel the need to increase the hard drive capacity on the new iPod Touch?

Look at it this way, we all assumed that the iPhone 4 would be increased to 32GB and 64GB – so why did this not happen? I found it strange that we now have a 5-megapixel camera and 720p video capture – all takes up more storage space on your fourth-generation iPhone. So why did they leave storage at 16GB and 32GB?

This is only a thought that has been kicking around my head, but we all know that Cloud is the future, and we believe that Apple iTunes will be one of the biggest players.

Do you believe that Apple will move iTunes to cloud storage soon?

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  1. xiaoa says:

    i heared the ipod touch rumors is that the new touch will expand the size to 2.8 inch instead of adding a camera on touch , i am so disappoint after hearing of that .i chose to buy a ipod touch as it is small and exquisite at the outset , but why the ipod touch expand to 2.8 inch. i think the new touch released with a Camera will be more better than expanding the size , than i have to tell you a good news , if you own a ipod , you can download a Aneesoft free ipod video converter !B)

  2. drupal guy says:

    looks like there is an option already for storing your iTunes music in the cloud …

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