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Does 2010 Emmy Awards Need Social Media features?

Does 2010 Emmy Awards Need Social Media features?

August 29, 2021 | Tina Chubb

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This year’s Primetime Emmy Awards – which will be taking place tonight (Sunday, August 29th) is a bit different from all the other Emmy Award ceremonies, in the sense that the NBC network has decided to embrace social media and integrate it into the event.

As recently reported by Christina Warren at, NBC will be using social media services such as Twitter, Ustream and yfrog in tonight’s ceremony, to provide a more real-time experience for its viewers. It will also allow viewers to interact with the Emmy presenters.

We’ve already mentioned a few days ago, how viewers are getting the chance to introduce some of the Emmy presenters this year. Comedian and TV host Jimmy Fallon (this year’s host) has been asking fans to tweet in their introductions, which will then be used on the show.

All the red carpet arrivals will be streamed live on Sunday night, and will be available via,, and However, NBC have added something very different this year – a backstage show streamed live via Ustream, NBC and the Emmy website.

Viewers will be able to catch all the action from multiple cameras at different locations backstage, including the control room, the press room, and even the producer’s table. Viewers will also be able to see fans videos and photos live from the event, with the yfrog service.

You can read the full article at Do you think that social media features are what the Primetime Emmys need?


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