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New MySpace Profile / Theme Gallery: Easier and simplified

August 26, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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New MySpace Profile / Theme Gallery: Easier and simplified

MySpace has been listening to their user when they explained how difficult it was for them to navigate through their profiles to get to cool content. The social networking site has not only updated the profile area but also the theme gallery as well.

We are told that the new design is not only cleaner but makes it much easier to navigate; this is due to the content being organized in a much simpler way. The new layout comes with many new features, but the new profile subpages are what stands out the most – such as playlists, photos and videos.

MySpace knows how much users like to play with their profile pages, which is why they can fully customize the look to make it something more personalized to them – the sky is the limit of the design possibilities.

MySpace wants business to become more involved with their service now, so allows for them to customize their profile to their brand. However, it is the musicians who will love the new profile design the most, as they can have up to 25 songs on each profile.

For more details visit this great MySpace profiles guide or head over to MySpace to upgrade to the new profile layout.

What do you think of the new MySpace profile changes?

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