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iPhone or iPod Touch Pinball Magic accessory

August 26, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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iPhone or iPod Touch Pinball Magic accessory

We all know how sophisticated gaming apps can be these days, giving you a real taste of an experience or alternatively taking you to a complete realm of fantasy. However sometimes, just occasionally we’ve missed the physical feeling of a game and for people who love pinball machine play we’ve got just the thing for you.

Cue the Pinball Magic accessory from New Potato. An article over on Cult of Mac by Adam Rosen, sourced from Chip Chick, introduced us to his little gadget designed to make a pinball app feel more like the real thing. Pinball Magic is a handheld device that you insert your iPhone or iPod Touch into and the handy gadget also has flipper buttons, ball-launching plunger and an LED-lit animated backdrop.

You can use it with a free game app called unsurprisingly ‘Pinball Magic’ that plays on the miniature table and the accessory will be available shortly from Best Buy at a cost of $40. Hours or fun for when you’re supposed to be working.

For more on this go to What do you think of the Pinball Magic accessory and what accessories do you wish would be produced for other popular game apps? Let us know by posting your comments please.

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