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Facebook history of privacy issues - clearly displayed

August 26, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Facebook history of privacy issues – clearly displayed

An infographic can be a really useful way of displaying figures or facts graphically that makes things a lot clearer than simply displaying a list of information. They enable users to more easily see the bigger picture about a subject such as the one we featured yesterday called the GeoSocial Universe which showed data from social networking sites and compared it to the amount of mobile devices globally.

Today we have an equally interesting infographic for you to look at which we spotted in an article by Alexander Hotz over on Mashable. People who have followed the fortunes of Facebook over the years have seen different issues with privacy arise and indeed the whole experience of Facebook is thought to be so intriguing its set to be a new movie called “The Social Network.” The latest innovation from Facebook, Facebook ‘Places’, has once again raised concerns over privacy for users of the popular social networking site.

‘Places’ allows users to tag their location, usually using a mobile, so friends nearby can locate them for example, or to share information about a place. Some people have expressed concern that it makes it too easy to follow people who may not necessarily want everybody to know every detail of what they’re doing and where they’re going. Users on Facebook can opt out of Places by changing their privacy settings but often people don’t realise just how much information they’re giving away.

However this is far from the first concern over privacy for Facebook. For example back in 2006 some people dubbed Facebook “Stalkerbook”, and then in 2009 when the ‘Like’ button was introduced some people accused Facebook of ownership of users’ content. The Infographic over on Mashable, devised by Lisa Waananan, clearly displays the history of Facebook privacy concerns since its launch in February 2004, right up to the introduction this month of ‘Places,’ in a way that makes the information much easier to digest.

For more on this and to see the full infographic go to We’d like to hear what you think about ‘Places’, the latest privacy concern surrounding Facebook or alternatively what you think of infographics as a method of displaying information? Please do send us your comments as we’re interested in what you have to say.

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