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Angry Birds - The Movie: May come to the big screen

August 26, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Angry Birds – The Movie: May come to the big screen

If you haven’t heard of the app ‘Angry Birds’ you’ve been hiding in a bunker for the last few months. We recently told how it’s one of the two most popular paid apps for the iPad and also told how the game, available for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, has now been launched on the Palm Store as well.

Angry Birds seems to have become something of a phenomenon, with nobody being able to quite work out the appeal of those annoying birds, yet somehow the game just becomes addictive once played. Now there’s news that will please an awful lot of Angry Birds fans as it seems a movie may be in the pipeline. An article by Dan Fletcher over on Time NewsFeed, sourced from Variety, says that Angry Birds may be optioned for a feature film.

Apparently Variety says that Rovio, the games maker in Finland, have been in talks with executives in Hollywood about making a movie centred on the game. If you haven’t seen Angry Birds yet (though quite how you’ve escaped it we’re not sure), you may laugh at the idea of a feature film based around birds hurling themselves through the air to attack fat green pigs, but a few animated shorts which Rovio have already made have been much-watched on YouTube, proving it would be popular.

The only problem the film makers would have is getting the film produced while Angry Birds is still one of everybody’s favourites. For more on this got to Would you watch Angry Birds – The Movie? We’d be interested to know what you think about this so why not send in those comments.

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