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Paris Hilton Describes Break-In Scare on Twitter

Paris Hilton Describes Break-In Scare on Twitter

August 25, 2021 | Tina Chubb

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Media personality, heiress and socialite Paris Hilton experienced a bit of a scare recently, when she woke to find some guy – who was armed with two kitchen knives – trying to break-in to her mansion. The 29-year old star then described her scary experience on Twitter.

According to a recent article at by Pete Samson, Paris immediately took to the popular social networking website, to tell her followers how terrified she was. She even posted a photo onto her page, which showed the Los Angeles police arresting the intruder.

“So scary,” Paris tweeted, adding that she had just been woken up by some guy attempting to break into her home. “Cops are arresting him,” she wrote. Paris finished off the tweet by saying: “I can’t believe the knives he was carrying. Thank God the police arrived quickly.”

Police rushed to the star’s home in Hollywood Hills at around 6.30am, after the intruder managed to set off the alarms. Paris’s spokesman said that she was saved by the alarm system and the cameras at her home. “Paris is shaken, but is unharmed and well,” they added.

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