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ViralHeat Gives Customers Free Real-Time Social Media Charts

ViralHeat Gives Customers Free Real-Time Social Media Charts

Here on Online Social Media we often cover articles with tips and tricks on how to enhance your social media marketing. These include tips on how to stay within the law when marketing and tactics for promoting your blog. Now we can provide you with information about a service which allows you to track social trends through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Jennifer Van Grove over on Mashable has an article about a new service called ViralHeat which allows users access to a huge amount of data from social networks. You can access data regarding sports, music, politics, news and entertainment and then organise the data into real time charts which can then be used to track topics and events as they happen.

These charts could be used by businesses to see the real-time success or failure of a product. You could use ViralHeat to see how popular the film Toy Story 3 is amongst users, and adjust your advertising accordingly. ViralHeat is already working with ESPN to create charts which show each team’s popularity, and we look forward to seeing how else these charts can be used.

To check out Viralheat for yourself, head on over to their website. What uses could you have for ViralHeat? Let us know in the comments.

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