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Toshiba 3D On The Way: No Need For Glasses

August 24, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Toshiba 3D On The Way: No Need For Glasses

Rumor has it, that possibly by the end of the year, Japan may bring the arrival of a Toshiba 3D TV that does not require any glasses. Presently, for anyone purchasing a 3D TV the only way to view programmes is by way of 3D glasses. But now, that might all begin to change!

According to Serkan Toto at CrunchGear, if the rumors do become a reality, then potentially prospective buyers will have the option of three different models to choose. Speculation has it that the sizing may be 21 inches. There may be the advantage of viewing 3D images for more than one person and from more than one position.

At this moment in time, reports from Toshiba have not confirmed any details and will not talk about any technical specifications. Pricing may be in the region of “several hundred thousand yen”, approximately ($1,180). For now, Toshiba will carry out investigating how 3D TV’s will look like in the future.

Do you like the idea of a 3D TV but without the glasses, does it appeal to you? Give us your comments below. To read more on this check out CrunchGear

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