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Behold the GeoSocial Universe: A clearer idea of the big picture

August 24, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Behold the GeoSocial Universe: A clearer idea of the big picture

Sometimes it’s difficult when hit with a list of figures and statistics to see them as part of the bigger picture and it can be easier to see a graphic displaying such data, rather than reading set after set of numbers. Up pops the GeoSocial Universe, a quite brilliant example of exactly what we mean, which shows the size of various social networking and web-based e-mail sites, and compares them with the amount of mobile phones across the globe.

We learned about this from an article by Jesse Thomas of Jess3 over on Mashable and just some of the social networking sites illustrated on the infographic are Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla, foursquare and LinkedIn. The amount of users on each site is overlaid over a larger circle, or sun, in the centre which represents the 4.6 billion mobile devices worldwide, with the size of the overlap representing how many of those users access their account via their mobile.

For example a look at Facebook in particular shows 500 million active users and the amount of overlay on the central ‘sun’, representing mobile phones worldwide is roughly a third, showing that a third of Facebook users access it using mobiles. What’s particularly interesting is noting that adding up all the web-based e-mail, around 800 million users, it’s still a small proportion of the number of mobiles globally.

Of course sites such as Gowalla, foursquare and Google Latitude are entirely used on mobile technology so their circles are completely tucked inside the central circle. For more on this and to see the GeoSocial Universe go to It really is an innovative way of displaying information and makes it much easier to take in. What information would you like to see displayed on a similar infographic? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.

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