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5 Twitter Tools For Social Media Marketers

August 24, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes


5 Twitter Tools For Social Media Marketers

Twitter is a priceless tool for companies who wish to gain a large audience to advertise and market their product to. However, there are two problems many companies face with their followers on Twitter, which is quantity and quality. For example, the quantity of followers and the quality of the people who are following. I.e. Are they wasting time by showing no interest?

To help with these two areas there are a range of tools that can be used. Dino Dogan on Social Media Examiner has an article about the five most indispensable Twitter tools for marketers. He refers to the law of reciprocity, where it’s human nature to follow someone who follows you, ( The idea of ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’) and using these tools encourages that.

The first is Blast Follow which helps the user to find a small category of people by searching for a specific hashtag, e.g. #bigbrother, this searches everyone who has recently used that hashtag; thus, the user is able to focus on those people who are interested in the area they marketing from. The user then follows those particular people and by the law of reciprocity; the user gets interested followers.

The second, Tweepi, is the opposite to Blast Follow. Instead of finding people, this simple tool seeks out followers who are not following back! So the user can stop following those who have not done the same, as a result the user does not have any timewasters.

Using these two tools finds the people the user wants and then clearing away those who are not interested , therefore the user can create a group of followers who follow back with appeal towards the product. From this the user can gain the quantity of people, as well as maintain a good interaction with their followers.

To check out the full article follow this link.

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