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20 Neat Twitter Accounts: A daily dose of fun and education

20 Neat Twitter Accounts: A daily dose of fun and education

Twitter, the popular micro-blogging service, grows ever more widely-used, from social networking to stay in touch with people, and media purpose to keep up-to-date with the latest news for example. It’s easy though to forget the fun elements of the site so why not get a daily dose of something fun or educational with Twitter instead?

A useful article over on Mashable by Amy-Mae Elliott helpfully rounds up 20 of the neatest Twitter accounts to take a look at, for something a little bit different. One for example is a Joke OTD, giving you a little chuckle every day although to be honest if the one on their today is anything to go by it may only be a very small chuckle.

Cat lovers will adore The Daily Kitten, a different cute image every day to make you go awww or how about a Daily Fitness Tip if you want to feel virtuous. Or how about wasting some time at work with One Video Game a Day, where you’ll find a different daily suggestion. Alternatively how about impressing your friends with a new Word of the Day. The word in the article for example is oenophile which may sound nasty but is in fact a person who enjoys wines.

For more on this and all the other 20 cool Twitter accounts go to Have you got a favorite Twitter account you think many of us would enjoy? Why not let us know by sending a comment.


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  1. @garious1 says:

    This makes me wonder if Twitter is far better than Facebook, or vice versa. Anyone can have a twitter account these days and funny how folks are into the number game — growing followers like mushrooms in the clouds. If you're not that popular, you have to build your rep from ground up like you would go to a party and introduce yourself to the crowd.

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