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Google Search As You Type Feature: Annoying Or Useful?

August 23, 2021 | Jonathan Cordes


Google Search As You Type Feature: Annoying Or Useful?

Google is currently the king of the search engine market, but with opposition such as Microsoft’s Bing working hard to gain marketshare, they need to keep innovating to stay ahead of the competition.

Mike Melanson writes for ReadWriteWeb with an article about the search giant trying out a new feature, search as you type. See the embedded video below, and you can see that the new version of Google doesn’t need you to hit a button to search, instead it brings up results ,including Google Adwords, as you type.

Google has confirmed that a select number of users see this different Google site as they have been picked for specific testing, so chances are your Google won’t be changing any time soon. The question with this new feature is whether or not it’s useful, wanted or annoying. I find that Google search works find right now, and many people could find this new Google annoying.

There are many people who use Google who would be confused by this new way of working. They are typing out a simple search term, whilst below the search information is rapidly changing. This could cause mass confusion, and if it isn’t released carefully could actually lose Google some marketshare.

See below for the video of the new in-testing Google, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Diana says:

    I HATE it! Don't want all that stuff popping up under my search words.

  2. anonymous.donor says:

    Gah, I hate it! Whenever I try to type something in, the stuff it searches makes it lag and I end up typing a phrase missing a whole bunch of letters. D:< I really, really wish there was an option to turn it off (and if there is, I wish I could find it!.

  3. ByeGoogle says:

    I've been a faithful google user for 10 years and i will leave google if they don't shut this damned thing off. i can't even type in the search window, and i don't care about all of the results that would come up before i even hit enter!

  4. ashley082528 says:

    It's so annoying!!! Can't even click the "I'm feeling lucky" button anymore

  5. Liam Rowles says:

    I have been uesing goole for 5 years now , its grate but now this live updateing thing is on it i canot use it any more . It makes the search slower . on the other hand some people might like it so

    can their be some way of swiching it off if you find it annoying?

  6. Been using google for 10 years. The new search feature is awful and slower than the old search! It wrongly predicts whatever I.m searching for and often leaves a blank page of results, where I have to re-type my query. I am even resorting to using Yahoo now as it;s quicker! This is a step backwards Google and most loyal users hate it.

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