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Google “Gmail” Extends Undo Time

August 23, 2021 | Maddy Rowe
Google “Gmail” Extends Undo Time

For those of you out there who use Google “Gmail”, the service has now been improved. The email service was set up to be a fast, efficient and useful system with the added benefit of spams being kept under control, accessing Gmail by your mobile handset and tons of megabytes to enjoy. But now, Google have improved Gmail by allowing the user to be given extra time if needed, to hit the “undo” button if they decide not to send an email.

According to Samuel Axon at Mashable, the time has extended now from what was 5 seconds to 30 seconds. For users to the Google Gmail service, they may not be aware of this hidden feature which could potentially get a user out of a sticky situation if an unwanted email is sent! Mashable have reported that this feature is part of “Gmail Labs” which means it is still in the process of testing and might not always work in the way it is intended.

For the feature to work, the user would have to navigate to the Gmail Labs page to activate it. For a step by step guide of accessing the “Undo Send Feature”, log onto Mashable who have outlined every step in a simple procedure.

As a possible user to Gmail, have you yourself sent an unwanted email and then panicked afterwards? Give us your comments below. For more info on any of the above check out Mashable

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