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Australian Cricketers Won’t Face Facebook and Twitter Ban

August 23, 2021 | Tina Chubb
Australian Cricketers Won’t Face Facebook and Twitter Ban

England’s cricketers may well be facing a ban on using popular social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook, but it doesn’t look like Australia’s players will be facing the same. In fact, Cricket Australia’s general manager Michael Brown said they’d ruled out a ban.

According to a recent article at by Laine Clark, Brown stated on Monday that he has no problem at all, with players using such sites. It’s not just Brown that thinks it is okay to use social networking sites either, as Australian captain Ricky Ponting agrees.

Ponting believes that sites such as Twitter and Facebook, are a good way of the public getting to know the players behind the helmets. Ponting said that if players can use social networks, it may bring people closer to the game and that he claims, is what it’s all about.

England batsman Azeem Rafiq earned himself a fine and a one-month suspension recently, after he took to Twitter and called John Abrahams – the national under-19s coach – a “useless w****r.” This is what prompted the ECB to discuss banning its players from social media.

You can read more of this story via Do you think players should be banned from social networking?

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